Monday, May 9, 2011

American Coot

On Mother's Day, we headed out to Point Pelee for the day.  When walking along the Marsh Boardwalk, I spotted a duck-like bird I had never seen before.  He (or she) swam fairly close to where we were standing and stood up on a clump of ???? to groom (probably not the right birding term).  I couldn't get over his feet...they are HUGE!!!  I was able to get lots of pictures of him.  Later along the board walk, I spotted a more experienced birdwatcher (he and his wife both sported binoculars and were watching something far off in the distance).  I asked him about this bird and he thought I had described an American Coot and said that they weren't all that common.  When I got home, I zoomed in on his head and consulted one of my field guides, and it confirmed that this was in fact an American Coot :)

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