Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday Beach Conservation Area, Canada Day Weekend

For Canada Day, we decided to camp out at Holiday Beach.  I was happy because I knew I would get to see herons and cranes.  I certainly was not disappointed.  While I didn't do any serious bird watching, I did make sure to check out the marsh each day.  Here are some pictures I managed to get.....

Great Blue Heron :)

In flight.....

Truth be told, I'm a little bit sad that I didn't just watch him (or her) through my binoculars...what a spectacular bird!

I'm not sure what this bird is....there were four of them sitting up in this tree.  When they left the tree, they dove for fish! They didn't fully submerge (that I recall).  Any idea?  Update...I am pretty sure these are Eastern Kingbirds :) 
This is a new bird for me!  I am pretty sure it is a Common Moorhen :)

I think this is a Great Egret.  The bill is more orange than yellow and the lores are more black than greenish.


Ok...not birds, but still cute :)

Love the action shot, even though it is blurry :)

As always, if I have misidentified a bird, please correct me!